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Feasibility Study

An initial assessment of whether your project is feasible and what the best design solution to achieve your aim would be.  This study considers factors such as construction cost, use and access.


Assessed and approved by Local Authorities who control the type, size and location of development. We can prepare all necessary drawings and documents for a variety of applications whilst also negotiating with the Local Authority.

Listed Building Consent

This is required for Listed Buildings where any building work is taking place. We can prepare all the required drawings and details for a Listed Building application, whilst liaising with the Local Authority Conservation Officer on your behalf.

Building Regulations

Controlled by Local Authority Building Control Departments and checked for compliance against Approved Documents, this stage assesses the technical side of a design looking at all aspects of a project from wall and roof construction to drainage layouts.


Used to obtain competitive estimates from contractors, we will produce and distribute the relevant documents and drawings for Tender including Technical Drawings, Sketches and Specification.


Construction Design and Management controls the Health and Safety side of projects including writing and enforcing Health and Safety Plans. Health and safety is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive.

Supervision & Inspections

Overseeing projects onsite, ensuring compliance of technical drawings and documents and also that a high quality of workmanship is achieved. Furthermore, site inspections enable us to produce an Architect’s Certificate on completion.


This stage involves taking a measured survey of your project including floor plans, elevations & the surrounding site in order to create an accurate survey drawing, from which all proposals will be based.